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Welcome to the Studio!


We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to explore their creativity and practise and develop their artistic skills, so we have created an after-school program to facilitate just that!

The Studio offersterm of weekly sessions, corresponding to the relevant school term, hosted at Rachel Grove Art Studio. Over the course of the term, students will:

  • receive guided teaching in drawing, painting, sculpture and design

  • develop a concept(s) for an original piece(s) of art

  • plan and produce original art with guided instruction

  • build a body of work and portfolio

  • select favourite pieces for display at a 'parents and friends exhibition' at the end of the term

  • assist in designing and developing the end of term exhibition

Sessions are a mixture of group and individual work, allowing students to go at their own pace, develop their own ideas, whilst still collaborating and learning together.

Both Art Club and Art Studio are open to students of all skill levels.

Term 3: 2024 Calendar

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Our Philosophy

Small class sizes

Our class sizes are limited to 10, so each student can receive personalised instruction and mentoring.

It's also great for students who might be a bit shy!

Art education and development

Each term, students will learn new artistic skills, practice their existing skills and develop artworks based on their original concepts and ideas.


Developing creativity and practicing making art is a wonderful way to build confidence and life skills.


Why the Studio?

Here's what makes us different!


Self-paced work

Art Studio and Art Club have a mixture of group and individual work, allowing students to go at their own pace, develop their own ideas whilst still collaborating and learning together.

Students will develop their own concepts and ideas over the course of the term and will receive instruction and support to bring those ideas to life.


Real Studio environment

Students will be working in a real, functioning art studio. Students who are interested in pursuing art full time will get to see how a studio operates and what being a full time artist is like.


End of term exhibition

At the end of each term, students will get to put on an exhibition for family and friends to showcase their work throughout the term.


Small class sizes

To ensure that every student gets the best learning opportunity and experience possible, the after-school art programs are capped at a maximum of 10 students per term.


Meet the Instructor

Studio Founder, Rachel Grove

Art Club and Art Studio are both instructed by studio founder and fulltime artist, Rachel Grove. Prior to opening her Studio, Rachel practised as a lawyer and has a long history of community engagement. Rachel has always had a passion for working with children and young people. Rachel has previously:

  • tutored high school students

  • been a youth mentor at Ignite Mentoring, providing mentoring and guidance to students in years 7-10

  • coached various girls football teams

  • trained as a children’s swim instructor.


Since opening the Studio, Rachel has taught various classes in oil and acrylic painting as well as facilitating regular open studio days.


Rachel is passionate about art education and the importance of creating a safe and fun space where students can explore their creativity.

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What does my child need to bring?

All art supplies are provided by the Studio and your child does not need to bring any particular supplies. Art Club and Art Studio are not catered, so your child may wish to bring some after school snacks.

Is there public transport access?

Yes. The Studio is just outside the number 75 tram stop opposite Camberwell Town Hall. 

Can my child with special needs attend?

Whilst we do not run programs specifically designed to cater for students with special needs, our aim is to be as inclusive as possible. If your child attends a mainstream school and is comfortable in a classroom environment, they are welcome to attend. Please let us know about your child's needs at enrolment. If your child has a support worker they may attend with them. Please contact us to discuss your child’s individual needs.

Is the Studio accessible?

Yes. Please let us know about your child's mobility requirements at registration so we can assure they are made comfortable.

Do you offer make up classes?

Unfortunately due to Studio capacity, we cannot offer make up classes. For more details about refunds and cancellations, please refer to our policies (link below).

Say Hello!

Rachel Grove Art Studio

377 Camberwell Road

Camberwell, VIC 3124

0429 524 409

Opening hours by appointment

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