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Start your portrait painting journey here!


I've always been drawn to faces and the challenge of capturing an expression, a feature or a character. As a self taught painter, getting a handle over oils let alone some of the basics when it comes to portraits was a challenge. So I wanted to develop this guide to help you kickstart your journey!


This PDF painting guide includes step-by-step photos and explanations of some of the key concepts of portrait painting to help you get started and level up your work. In addition to the guidebook, you'll also receive access to a Google Classroom where you can watch a full-length painting video, download a reference photo, and access other useful resources to help you along the way.



  • Reference photo
  • Full length painting process
  • Access to a Google classroom forum with other students
  • Links to additional helpful videos and resources
  • Tips and tricks 


So come and join me on this portrait painting journey from the comfort of your own art space! 


Lots of love,


Portraits in Oils for Beginners: Guidebook & More!

  • PDF, printer friendly A4

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